Dave is the godfather of mm smile thanks for everything dave! big_smile


Thank you very much for being so great!! Thank your for encouraging and motivating me. Thank you for allowing yourself to be of those unconditional people that I can turn to.


"Words cannot describe my gratitude to you for all the knowledge you have imparted to me. As a result of today's shoot, I landed another job! You are one great teacher! I will never forget you. Thank you smile"

Ineabell Diaz

"DAVE!!!… you are the bestest best!!…i have found a friend in you for life!! thank you so much again for yesterday… i had a great day.. and the outcome was simply marvelous! i'll see you again this week! xo"

Nora KS

Hey dave!!! cant wait to get the CD and view all the amazing pictures you took! thanks so much for everything!!!


(One Of The Best People In the WORLD) …it was/is great working with you DAVE!!!!!!!


What can i say? It was wonderful working with you yesterday!! I really had fun and as i can see i'll be learning a lot from you ;-] Thank You for everything–especially your words! Can't wait to go back!!! You just got yourself another daughter hehe!!


Dave you are a legend and my new best friend! You have a heart of gold are a very talented photographer and a pleasure to work and associate with!


My photographer is Dave the Rollei Guy. He is an extremely talented photographer and who has a vast knowledge of cameras and its accessories, and of course, about photography. On top of all that, he's an awesome guy in all!

Vida Life

Dave you are absolutely amazing!! You were so helpful and professional. Thank you for all of your great advice as well as posing techniques!


Love looking and learning from your work Dave. I aspire to come close to your level of expertise.


James Pentaudi - Wilhelmina Agency and Albany Talent

A great friend and a super photographer.

Amy Kate

Dave is an amazing person and resource! If you have the opportunity to work with him, take advantage of it. He's not only a veteran of the industry but just awesome all around. I am sure you will agree with me!


Hi Dave!! Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time shooting with you!! Not only were they beautiful pictures, they were graceful, and I had a lot of fun wink would love to work with u over and over, and over. Its like magic with a smile.


Thanks so much Dave, You've always been wonderful!!!!

Adriana Colombo

thanks Dave for everything, and for being a such good person in my life!


Dave-I look forward to working with you again sometime. Its great that you incorporate how to treat a model well into your photography sessions with people just getting started out. If everyone got your spiel we would all be a lot more comfortable. You listed what I always thought were things tacitly understood, but obviously werent. My feet are feeling better so get back to me soon if you want to shoot in your Bronx studio upstairs or about that promotion… Take care

Hugh Johnson

This guy is a genius!! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs knowledge!!!


Just wanted to take some time out to say that your are greatly appreciated and I'm very proud to say that I know you. Your beauty is both inside and out. Thank You for everything:)

Mark Sydeline

Great photos!! If your equipment is as good as your photography……… then it's top-of-the-line!!

Nina Jade

Dave I cant thank you for everything youve done for me and sticking it out and having faith, your truly amazing! I cant wait to get the last cd we shot i want to see those pics thanks again for everything