Dave is a New York based photographer with a state of the art studio, a vast library of photo and modeling books that is opened to the public, and an engineer. He designs and manufactures photographic equipment, and is the sole owner and president of Lektra Laboratories – a major American manufacturer of photographic equipment. His equipment is used in major photographic facilities on every continent.

Most of the equipment used in his New York studio was designed and manufactured by him. He has over 50 years of photographic experience, which spans both the fashion print world and the photo equipment manufacturing industries.

He is well connected within the industry and has coached and helped develop the careers of several up and coming models and photographers.

He is currently offering the following studio services:

Model portfolio development
Beauty Shots
Collaboration on Artistic Ideas
Fashion Print

He has a large hard copy portfolio, as well as thousands of digital images for his clients' review. His rates are considered a steal, and are in fact very reasonable. He provides both a stylist and a makeup artist as part of some of his package deals. Please contact us for details. He does not do TFP (Trade For Print).

Dave's main interest, though he does work on making a living, is in assisting young up and coming models and actors, as well as beginning photographers.